Our Story

Fireplace International was founded by Joe & Carol after they returned from a 3 months mission attachment with a church in Bali in 2013. They set up My Nyonya Shop LLP, a non-profit organization in Singapore that works with the underprivileged and marginalized in society as well as with other social enterprises to market and distribute their individually handcrafted products.

Their first pilot project at Bali – “Project Fireplace” provided jobs to an underprivileged group through a micro financing plan which led to an improved livelihood for them and their families. The group of unskilled villagers were trained to produce handmade batik products from scratch over a period of 3 months. Their individually handcrafted products were well received by local retailers.

The success of Project Fireplace spurred Joe and Carol to continue their social work in other parts of the world. My Nyonya Shop LLP now works with skilled artisans and urban poor & marginalized communities across the globe to market and distribute their uniquely handcrafted products.

Our Mission
To be an enterprise rooted in a social cause.
To equip the urban poor in society with life skills and knowledge to ensure a sustainable income for a better quality of life.
To provide jobs for the underprivileged and marginalized in society.

Our Vision
To reach out to the multitudes with the love of Christ, and equip them with life skills and knowledge to ensure a sustainable income for a better quality of life.

Our Company
Fireplace International is a direct distributing source for unique and exquisite handmade gifts, jewellery, home décor, art and sculpture, textiles, clothing and accessories representing the diverse cultures around the world. The company connects and works with underprivileged and marginalized groups, individuals and communities of artisans to help train and develop them to be entrepreneurs to market their uniquely handmade products leading to an improved livelihood for them and their families.

Fireplace International also ensures a sustainable market for their handmade products, through a long term buying relationship in places where skilled artisan partners lack opportunities for stable income. Product sales help pay for food, education, healthcare and housing for the underprivileged groups or individuals who are otherwise unemployed, underemployed or sometimes be marginalized by the distribution channels.

How You Can Get Involved?

Find something you like at our online store to support our artisans and partners

Share your skills, talents and resources; and join us in our projects locally and overseas

Purchase products for resale in your store. Contact us for more details


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