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Fireplace International partners with like-minded groups to fulfill the mission of training, equipping, empowering and nurturing the needy in communities. Since 2014, we have initiated a number of projects in different cities. We have also given several sewing machine to those who needed these equipment for their livelihood. Most of us hold a full time job and we come from diverse background but share the same passion to touch lives and to contribute to society with our time, resources and talent.


Our Projects Project

Project Fireplace@Singapore

We partner with Institute of Mental Health Job Club to train and equip recovering and willing clients with basic skills to produce handicrafts for individuals, retailers and corporate clients. This partnership empowers the clients with greater confidence and reconnect them back to society. We also collaborated with Fei Yue at Teck Whye teaching a group of senior citizens to produce simple fabric organizers.

Project Fireplace@Surabaya, Indonesia

We visited Pondok Hayak, an orphanage in Surabaya in Decemeber 2014. Pondok Hayak also provides temporary shelter for unwed mothers and single mothers. We brought gift packs filled with a back pack and candies for each child at the slum areas and joined them in a Christmas celebration. During their trip, Joe and Carol had the privilege of naming a new born baby boy. They named him Barnabas and they hope Barnabas will grow to be a son of encouragement and an inspiration to all.

Project Fireplace@Ungaran, Indonesia

A walk-about session at Getsemani Laras, Ungaran City, Central Java, Indonesia with Annie, the co-ordinator to discuss on possible partnerships and operation issues.

After the talk, we kick started a project by providing them with resources to produce batik pouches. Annie is currently reaching out to the community to come on board this initiative.

Project Fireplace@Bali, Indonesia

The first pilot project at Bali, "Project Fireplace" provided jobs to an underprivileged group through a micro-financing plan which led to an improved livelihood for them and their families. The group of unskilled villagers were trained to produce handmade batik products from scratch over a period of 3 months. Their individually handcrafted products were well received by local retailers.

Flea Market@Tiong Bahru, Singapore

Our first maiden run on the flea market at Tiong Bahru in Singapore in June 2016 was a successful attempt and this spurs us to continue to participate in up-coming events to continue with publicity and promote our social causes.

Fireplace International is a one-stop online shop where you can find exquisite and unique handicrafts from around the world, made by skilled artisans and aspiring craftsmen. Every handicraft has a story to tell and we would like to share it with the world.

We welcome highly motivated individuals with gifts and talents, time, energy and resources, and a passion for our people-oriented mission and skills development goal to join us in impacting lives and communities.

We may be a small set-up but we have big dreams to see the world a better place for all, and where everyone; rich or not-so-rich, can enjoy the little pleasures of life.

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